4 smart ways to use technology for educational purposes

Making the students tech-savvy is no longer an option for teachers, it has become a necessity. This is mainly because of the extent to which technology has penetrated our everyday life styles and the crucial role they play in organizational environments where your students will be employed in the future. This task can become especially challenging if you are someone who isn’t all that fond of computers. Don’t be discouraged by that because there are many simple things you can teach yourself which can be used to aid the children with their education. Here are a few of these.


A WebQuest is an educational activity designed in such a manner that requires the students to use the internet to find the answers for a question or find the requires information to engage in an activity. This is a highly interactive method of learning where the children will combine their critical thinking skills to evaluate and select the best suited solutions for a problem from the internet. There are plenty of pre-constructed WebQuest out there which you can use as reference for the formulation of one of your own.

A class webpage

Think of all the time children spend on phones trying to get information about a lesson they missed during class or about an assignment which they didn’t know about. If you were to establish a webpage for your class, the students will not have to waste any more time on those as they can simply log into the page and obtain the information. You can also use this as a platform for communicating about notices and special announcements related to the subject matter and for the submission of assignments and reports.


Podcasts are used by students around the world to gain information about certain subjects from experts in the fields to supplement them in their studies. As a teacher, you may know about certain professors, authors or lecturers whose podcasts are available online, which are related to what your students are studying. Download those and play them during class to provide the children with a comprehensive understanding regarding the subject matter. You may also instruct them to create their very own podcast to evaluate the extent to which they have grasped the subject matter, which can also be used by their fellow classmates for any clarifications.

Publish your student’s work

It will probably take a little time for the students to get used to all these new methods of teaching and it might seem a bit dauting to them. However, they will al catchup in time and there will always be some students who take it seriously and put in a lot of effort to develop reports using various software to come up with material of professional standards. After examining the contents, if you believe it deserves a higher degree of recognition, you can make the necessary arrangements to get their work published using an authorized academic material publisher, which will greatly encourage all your students in general and push them to perform even better.

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