Benefits of using Information Technology in business

Since the dawn of the new millennium 18 years ago the extent to which businesses rely on technology has increased in an unprecedented manner and today, it has come to a point where organizations ‘need’ information technology to merely survive in the market. The reason behind this is the several benefits an organization can experience from the usage of the said technology and in the modern business world, whoever wields the weapon of technology in the best way will gain a competitive advantage over its competitors, ensuring long-term success. In this article we will look into four of the many benefits an organization can experience from the incorporation InfoTech in its activities.

Funds transfer

Transferring money for business purposes used to be a difficult task for which companies had to spare employees who had to spend time and money on travelling to banks and dealing with the transactions by themselves. Today, thanks to the advancements in the field of InfoTech organizations have been given the facilities if online banking through which they can make transactions over any smart device, from anywhere at any time. The same technology can also be used by companies to sell their products and services to the customers who can purchase them through online shopping. This has become the most preferred method of shopping for a wide range of items such as textiles, electronic equipment and furniture in the recent years and it’s continuously increasing in popularity.


Communication is perhaps the aspect of businesses that underwent the biggest evolution following the information technology boom and it has saved organizations worldwide, countless dollars and lots of air travel. Not so long ago, companies had to allocate funds to send their managerial employees overseas, every time they wanted to hold a business meeting or negotiations with a foreign client. It also used up useful time and effort which would otherwise have been concentrated on administrative activities. Thanks to technologies such as video conferencing, different individuals in different countries can hold face to face conversations in the comfort of their own office rooms, saving invaluable resources for their companies. Also, E-mail has played a significant role in shaping this new digital era with the assistance of fax machines.

Data storage

Remember the days when companies used to store information in tall piles of documents in a special area of the premises, and had to go through hell every time they had to take out a single document from that enormous pile? That way back in the past because today there are server units that are capable of storing so much more information than in the past, while using up such little space. With a qualified IT personnel, you will be able to store and access any information at any time. Another, more recent method of data storage is cloud based technology, where organizations can purchase an online space where all their information will be securely stored. The best thing about this is that any employee who has access to the cloud can access it through a smart device no matter where they are, savings loads of time.

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