Things to do with Your Child This Summer

Kids love the summer since they can play outside, do various activities and have fun with friends and family. You may be busy with your work; however it is vital that you spend some time with your child. Summer is a great time not only to play but to learn and explore too. They can connect with nature, discover their hidden talents and improve them to showcase in front of all. So here are some fun activities to do during summer.

  1. Gardening

It’s great to let your little one connect with nature; growing flower plants and vegetables, watering them, raking the garden and even playing with the sprinklers. He can water the plants with a tiny watering can and pluck the weed. You can also get him a kid-sized rake so that he can rake off all fallen leaves and dirt. There are bubble-blowing lawn mowers to make it fun for kids. However, you need to be careful with other sharp tools and mowers. Keep them away in the shed when your little one is in the yard.

  1. Summer courses

Summer isn’t only about fun and games. It is a great time to catch up and improve in schoolwork that he is weak in. you can enroll him in children maths courses if he is weak in mathematics. There are other educational summer camps and programs you can enroll in. you can even let him join classes to pursue his passion such as dance classes, guitar lessons, art classes etc. Improving his talents will build his confidence so when his friends and family come over, he can put on a show and be appreciated.

  1. Go camping

Your child will love the challenge of living outdoors and enjoying the open skies. It will teach them good survival skills and how to face any difficult situation they meet. You will have a great time together, pitting up the tent, building the bonfire, heating up marshmallows and having long talks at night. You may hardly have time to talk to your child so use this time to catch up. Talk about his work at preschool in Hong Kong, his friends, his passion and what he likes to be etc.

  1. Hold a car wash

What is more fun than playing with water in summer? Gather all your family and make it a fun activity. Let your child give your car a good scrub with his own sponge and bucket of water. Or help him hold p the garden hose. Be careful about the sharp edges in your car. He might hurt himself.

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