Things to keep in mind when selecting a secondary school for your child in Singapore

In Singapore, children enter secondary schools in their teen years and the time they spend at school with their peers during this age will play a huge role in how their personalities are shaped to face the world one day as a grownup. Most parents today know very little about what they must consider when selecting a good school and make their decisions based on mere recommendations or rankings without discussing about the matter with the child and collecting more information. Several secondary educational institutions and learning centers offer a number of unique programmes that will assist your little one be the best they can be. Here are a few things you can discuss with him/her before making the all-important decision of where they are going to receive education during their teen years.

Distance between the school and home

Parents would do whatever it takes to get their children into a top school, hoping this way they will be able to give their youngsters knowledge which is the greatest gift in life and often give little or no consideration to just how far the institute is located from their homes. However, a recent survey shows that around 80% of teen students who attend top schools in Singapore doesn’t get an adequate amount of sleep. The hours and hours spent commuting in the constant traffic has been identified as the main culprit for this problem which is why it’s more advisable to find a great school that is not too far away from where you live.

Your child’s personal traits

Children’s performance in primary school is a great source for evaluating their strengths, weaknesses and interests as an individual, which must all be taken into consideration when selecting an area for them to specialize in. Always make it a point to look for a school that has an environment and a culture well suited for that of your little one so that they will not experience any unfamiliarity or alienation once they make their move. If you strongly believe your child has what it takes to follow an Integrated Programme scheme so that they can skip the GCE Ordinary Level examination and proceed straight to the GCE Advanced Level examination, then you must select a school that provides this programme while also gathering information about where they can receive tuition for IP.

Special needs

If your child has any mild special educational needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or dyslexia, it is always better to check if the secondary school which your hoping to admit your child to has the required experience and resources to facilitate their requirements in and outside the classroom. Given how sensitive children can be during this stage of life, the last thing you’d want is to damage the self-esteem of the youngster by exposing them to an environment that doesn’t know how to deal with pupils with special needs. Therefore, take you time and look for the best institute that will best suit your children’s requirements.

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