How to make a difference in the world and become a living legend?

Tips and suggestions to make yourself into a living legend.

Be you; boldly…!

Be yourself; do you like you never have. Be brave and be bold. Stop thinking about and worrying about what “others would say” or think¾especially if it’s when you are going to do something good and right. Live life on your terms, because those around you will always find something to talk about. In fact, we say live life to the fullest and give those who talk really something to talk about. If nothing else, you’ll be known as the person who lived life to its best…!

Choose an occupation that will help reach out to the needy

There are many decisions that we take and paths that we choose in life that can shape our life and turn us into a living legend. One such important decision is the career we choose for ourselves. As you might have already realized, one of the best ways to be “legendary” is to try and help people when and how you can. Occupations such as nursing and medicines especially are great options to help people largely. But apart from that, even working with NGOs and working as public servants such as politicians can aid you in helping out those in need. Remember though, with power comes great responsibility; make sure you’re ready for that…


Donate when and where you can

Have you made more than you usually do this year? If so, consider donating a portion of it to the needy. Is it your birthday or the birthday of a loved one? Plant a few trees (that will benefit to the future generations) or donate a small sum of money that can provide fresh water to those who badly need it. This kind of donations are not going to give you fame, but only a lot of blessings. If you’re after the fame, then you need to save up, and contribute a larger sum¾for a more prominent cause. Universities and schools for example, are always on the look out for donations. Prominent figures like MariyamDawood have donated large sums, as well as contributed a great deal to the society in other ways, making their mark on history. You can do the same.

Remember that even the smallest contribution matters

Never feel that your contributions or donations are too small. You may not be know to the world as a legend; but for those who you benefit, you will always be a legend. Something like spending a few hours each week at a local soup kitchen can feel small and insignificant to you; but can mean a great deal to someone you helped out each week. To them, you are a living legend.

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