Teaching Your Kids to Overcome Shyness and Insecurities

Is your kid shy and has become an introvert most of the time?  This type of behaviour may become concerning to some parents. It can affect social relationships and your kid’s performance in school. Below are some helpful things that can be done to help them overcome their shyness and insecurities.

Bond with Your Kid

Create an environment wherein your kid would open up to you. Engage your kid in meaningful recreational activities while creating a bond with them at the same time. You can set aside one afternoon and interact with them while playing scrabble or board games that will make them an active participant of the activity.  Observe his reactions during the activity and set ground rules that cell phones and tablets are not allowed to avoid distractions.  Many kids do not warm up right away so you have to be patient when doing this.

Ask Relevant Questions From Time To Time

When your kid starts being more interactive you can take it to the next level by engaging them with small talks. Eating together encourages this kind of behaviour. Ask them what the things that want to do are, are they interested in taking up a flute course or other activities such as art classes that would enhance their social skills. When you ask them questions just sound casual and do not judge them or react negatively to their answers.

Listen, Trust And Encourage Them

Make your kid feel important and empowered by allowing them to decide for themselves. Show them your support if they voice out their interests on certain things. If your kid approaches you and tells you that he wants to attend a piano lesson and learn to play other musical instruments do your best to support him. Things like these mean a lot to them. Remember that each kid is unique and inclined to excel at something, always encourage him to pursue his passion.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Always make it a habit to point out their strengths rather than focus on their weaknesses. Shy kids tend to have low self-esteem so we have to be careful with our approach when giving them compliments and presenting their opportunities. Choose your words when giving them advice. Words can make or break a person’s self-esteem.

Promote Peer Interaction

Encourage your kid to play and interact with kids of the same age. You can start by inviting cousins and family friends for a playdate or a pool party. Create team activities and fun games that will encourage the kids to be involved. Make your kid feel that he is a member of the team. You can also assign them group activities where he gets to be the leader thus making him feel that he has the capability to be in charge of things.

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