What are collectable cards

Well apart from all the comic books and that kids and even adults read, certain kids prefer collecting  trading cards. Which is basically a small card made out of thick board and usually has a image of a certain character, a person, or even place or a thing. It also basically contains a small description  of the picture and what it contains as well. However there are a lot of different type of cards that they trade these days and collect it as a hobby.

Sport Cards and Non Sport Cards

These trading cards can be divided into two type of cards. These were basically associated with sports especially baseball cards are widely known and its quiet popular among the kids as well. However apart from the sports cards, there are non-sports cards as well that kids trade and collect. For an example Pokémon cards, or even the Blue eyes white dragon card from the manga series and considered as trading card too. However these kind of non sport cards comes with a cartoon character or a comic book character.

Modern Collectable card

However with time the cards were more famous and it even got evolved. Certain companies started selling the trading cards by inserting them into sweet packs. For an example in early years a bubble gum company sold trading cards inside bubble gum packs.

Digital Collectable cards

As the technology came up, the trading cards turned into digital cards. To stay connected with the current technology the trading card company started selling the cards through their websites and online. These digital cards were quiet expensive and you even had to pay few bucks to collect and trade it.

Type of trading cards

There are many types of trading cards. Especially sports cards, however baseball and basketball was quiet popular among the kids and teenagers who collects cards.  Boxing trading cards were also issued in the past days. Even sports like Cricket, golf and horse racing cards were also issued and horse racing cards mostly featured the jockeys or the equestrian theme. They even had card for tennis, racing and sumo. Sumo cards features sumo wrestlers and tennis cards featured the tennis players.

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