How to be self-confident and change the way you think

Life is full of unexpected moments, obstacles, surprises and happiness. You will feel a lot of stress during those moments when you everything feels wrong and are falling apart. Therefore, it is important to come up with strategies for yourself in order to overcome these obstacles, bring your confidence level up. Building your confidence level is not something that each person can suddenly do and have it overnight, you need to work towards it and it is not easy.

Self-confidence has been spoken many times on the blog of Mark Carter. This is a theme that has been covered in many workbooks, modules and programs that are conducted by this speaker. There is even a booked titled “5 tips to tranquillity, being comfy in your own skin”.

Feeling non-confidence is natural

If you feel that your confidence is the lacking department, then you need to know that this is a normal thing that everyone feels at some point in life or even during a day. There are certain individuals whose confidence has been put down due to a childhood memory or experience. Another reason why we feel that we are not good enough, is because we tell ourselves that we are not good based on what other people have told u. But this is not true, everyone is capable and skilled in different ways and therefore, you need to believe in your strengths and overcome the negative vibes that are being sent your way.

The skills

Just because you feel that being not confidence is natural does not mean that you should let it continue. You need to be able to speak to yourself and tell yourself that you will approach all situations and problems at hand in a positive way and keep talking to yourself as much as you can to keep the confidence boost running.

Being ready for the external forces

When an external force or trigger blows right at you, you might feel more negative towards yourself as well. This is when our self-esteem gets damaged with this blow. You should never worry about what other people say about you if you know that you and your thoughts are on the right page. You should ensure that you are not being manipulated by anyone and believing what these individuals say.

When you hear a negative comment or word about yourself coming through from someone else, turn towards your emotion and tell yourself that what is being spoken about is not enough you and it is about someone else.

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