Can We Remove Fear?

Fear is inevitable. It will always be there and it may even haunt us forever. Life is too short to worry about simple things. Do not live like you only live once but live like you have a purpose. It’s getting harder everyday and as you age it’s even getting worse. The best thing to do during these days is to meditate. You could pray, think about positive things or any other way that will lead to a peaceful mind.

If you think time is precious, well it really is. Don’t hesitate to try things that you like and will likely be safe as well. Fear are caused by different things. It may be a phobia, accidents, or things that you can’t conquer and change.

Although, fear can’t be removed completely now. Everybody has a fear. They may act strong but they really are fearful most of the time and that makes it even harder for them. Tons and tons of people are now diagnosed to have a clinical depression due to stress, fatigue and problems they encounter. They feel useless most of the time and alone. They even are down without knowing the reason why.

There’s a struggle to everyone to survive everyday. Terrorism is also a factor of fear. There are even counter terrorism certificate course that they will be able to enrol in and make it to a point they learn from them.

Most famous news is about school shooting and these massive shootings should not be taken as a joke nor should it be moved aside. This is because the shootings have arrived and the most common suspects are students from the same school. In fact, as of today there is already 119 mass shooting incidents for the year 2019 in a country. It may seem like it is not important but the truth is that it is really one of the most important things that the authorities should focus on.

What is happening with the world? Why are the young ones are overly stressed and depressed at the same time? Ain’t life should be easier because of the technology we have now? There are more to look at in the questions stated. But have you ever wondered why the young ones are much different from the previous generations? We know for a fact that it’s written.

There’s nothing to fear about if you are contented with your life. Our biggest enemy is death because people can never let you live forever. There will come a time where everyone of us will be thankful and happy without living with fear at all.

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